ASEAN Briefing on ESBN Maritime Sector Strategies to Augment Tsunami Monitoring

31 Mar 2021

The Briefing will introduce ASEAN members to the ongoing project on Maritime Sector Strategies on Augmenting Tsunami Monitoring. The project engages the maritime sector and subsea fibre-optic telecommunications networks on strategies to uptake high accuracy GPS and Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), radar (or laser) gauge pinging the sea-surface (for stationary platforms), and dedicated ocean floor cable-based observatories to augment tsunami monitoring in a more cost-effective and more maintainable manner with economic, safety and environmental co-benefits to the maritime and subsea telecommunications industries.

With the confluence of various technological advances, now is the time to bring all these innovations together to substantively advance and augment tsunami monitoring in a more rapid manner as well as recognise the co-benefits of such strategies for the private sector. Undertaking the strategies highlighted above calls for unparalleled regional cooperation and convening power to gather governments (in this project – national, provincial and municipal government), academics, the private sector and civil society organisations. It is a call that the United Nations is well positioned to respond. No single government or agency has the necessary resources to address these challenges on its own.